First chapter *Opinions*

Hey guys,
I would like you to read the first chapter of my story and tell me what you think of it.
Too dramatic? Too fast? Is the length of the chapter okay? Improvements?

I would like the absolute truth as this will help me improve my writing on episode, and as I am also a new author.

Celine Fashion

I’m also looking for some exceptional cover artists. Any recommendations or Help?

I will read it and give you feedback
Do you have an ig?
I hope its ink

Yes - @episode.shae
edit It’s not ink xD

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Aaahh im not a ll fan but I’ll read it ok

Thanks x

One bit of feedback from me: your character customization needs fixed a little. Take the “What’s your name” prompt outside of the customization-- put it before your customization label. Every time I select something and say “Done” it asks me what my name is again :blush:

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Yes. Thats true

Ive checked it out…
The lenght, directing, plot is good
But when you have a pov of eg 10 lines, it would be better to &zoom in and out

And i have a sc here
For every dialouge, it would be better to add an animation or the chapter will staring at the reader while he/she is talking