First Drawn Art

Hey so this is my first ever time drawing something, and I would like you guys’ HONEST feedback on it. I know it’s not very good, but I am making this post to ask for help and tips you can suggest to me :blush: please keep in mind I am looking for constructive criticism not a judge of whether it is good or not. Thank you !

art work


For your first time, that is really good! I’ll tell you one thing, it’s waaaay better than me! Look at these NIGHTMARES I drew!

Prepare your eyes!!! :grimacing: :see_no_evil:

Timmy Turner’s head from The Fairly Odd Parents

A Random Doodle!


I think it looks great to be your first art :heart_eyes: I’ve tried it once and it was a disaster :joy: Keep doing them, I think it looks amazing :heart:

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@Tay11 @Clau_77
Thank you so much for the support ! Do you have any tips for me to improve ?


I ain’t got nothing! Just… keep practicing! IDK

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Thank you ! :blush:

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Yeah! I think that if you keep drawing you will get better, sorry for not having any useful tips :sweat_smile: :joy: but really keep drawing girl, you’re drawing is amazing :heart:

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Thank you so much :two_hearts::two_hearts:

This is so cute! :sparkling_heart:

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I think it looks pretty good especially for it being your first drawn art - wow!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: I especially like that you already used shading and on top of that correctly (many use gray brushes for shading but you need the same color just darker and that’s just what you did). I think with a little practice your art will be so so good!! You can dm me if you have questions or want more tips on drawing :slight_smile:

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aw thanks !!! :heart:

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thank you so much omg :see_no_evil: thanks for all the support !! :heart:

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I love it :pleading_face::heart:
It’s so good!

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thank you :see_no_evil: :two_hearts:

This artwork is absolutely gorgeous especially for your first one. One minor suggestion is working on the shading to look a little less splotchy. Other than that, the drawing has a great edgy look with colors that combine really well. Continue what you’re doing! I love the drawing itself, and please post more work once they’re completed. :two_hearts:

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ofc! thank you for the tip!!!

Draw an outline and then colour it. It helps with the shape.

Other than that, your drawing is bomb.

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aw thank you so much! Yeah, i’ll try that out next time, thanks for the tip! :heart:

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Bump :smile:

Also drew this today :


Does anyone have any tips/suggestions/constructive criticism??


wha hii! your art style is adORABLE :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
here’s my personal tips to help you practice (it’s up to you to follow, it’s your art style :))

  • try to avoid using the airbrush tool, especially when starting art out. practice using a hard, solid brush to add your shadows. this helps with learning to use different tones and values
  • avoid using pure black! in that piece, i recommend using a dark brown/red for bits like the eyebrows and necklace. same thing with white, use a slightly off yellow. by doing this, it can support other colours, and determine the ‘mood’ of your piece (warmer? cooler?)
  • i can’t say much because my style is way different than yours, but since you’re starting out i strongly encourage you to try out many different art styles :>

kdfijhkjhdnjs i hope i helped! :<