First episode blues

Hello hello,

I hope you can help with my conundrum!

I started writing my story (Art of The Deal) on my phone when episode released this functionality.

I was in bed and had an experiment, got excited and created 2 more very short episodes with no real direction or narrative. I’m now addicted and love writing my story. However I feel upset about the quality of my first few eps! I have tried to go back and fix them so they are very definately part of the story, which they are now. But since moving to writing episodes on a laptop ( sooooooooooo muuuccchhh better!!!) I feel like my first episodes massively let me down.

I’ve got 9 (10 our soon) on the go and am not sure whether to redo the first 3 episodes or not? Does this happen a lot? Or do people tend to leave them?

Just looking for some advice…

Thanks so much! Xxx

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I know you feel, My first three episode of my story (Olympus Has Chosen) Don’t have much depth to them. I think because you are on episode 9 (or 10) you should definitely re-do them now.

My story has almost got 19 episodes now and I wish I had re done them sooner!

I am going to re-do them as soon as my story is finished. I suggest doing yours ASAP so that new readers will keep wanting to read your book :slight_smile:

Hey Gracex!

What you’re feeling is definitely normal, especially once you discover new techniques to add to your writing/directing style.

I currently have one completed story along with its ongoing sequel. While I was writing the first few episodes of the sequel, I noticed a HUGE change in my style of writing and directing. I even noticed a change within the prequel itself. It just lacked all sorts of directing and scenes in the beginning that could have been added to give it a lot more depth, so I decided to redo as much as I can in my free time while I continue to write my sequel.

I would suggest to continue writing your story while also going back to redo anything in your first few episodes you didn’t particularly like because I definitely hate my past self for leaving my current self with so much work! Lolol :sweat_smile:

Last thing: Don’t worry about how much you do in a certain amount of time. A little here and there will help in the long run. Don’t stress and have fun! :blush:

Hope this helps!

-Raven :sparkling_heart::sparkles:

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Thanks for your replies. I will go back and re do them soon I think.

Worryingly though I feel like I will be adding pointless scenes just to pad out the story. Rather then adding to it! Eek!

Glad to know I’m not alone. I feel really invested in my story now and don’t want to start a new one with my new found knowledge just yet!


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Good luck Gracex :grinning: