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What makes that you continue reading a story after reading the first episode? Does it need a cliffhanger at the end, or is that cliche/annoying? Is it neccesary that a lot of things happen in the first episode? Should everything that happens be interesting? I’m currently writing the first episode of my first story ever, and as you can see; I’m already stuck. Soooo, I need help :woman_shrugging:


good directing and choices. I seen a lot people not doing any choice in the first chapter. and I hate that because I am here for the choices and not seen any makes me leave.

and also the plot has to be good. end a chapter on a clifhanger is good but dont do an extream one like. a gun is pointed at me. or I am about to fall of a clif.

but small ones like. who is that person lets find out .

also plot twist.

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Allright, that’s good to know. Thanks!

And should these choices already have a big influence on the story or can they also be small choices first?

You should definitely put a cliffhanger. And don’t have multiple things happening, just let us get to know the setting, characters, plot with flow*

*Basically, if you have a fantasy story that takes place in a kingdom, try to show the lives of people that live outside/inside, MC’s struggless (if any) and conflict that starts the plot (breaks the monotone life chain)

I highly doubt you will, but a lot of people start their story with “I’m [name] and I’m # years old, I live in city, this is my best friend [bff], and we have a rival named [rival]”. It’s better if you show it rather than say it.


I am fine with small choices. big ones are hard to make

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Thanks for the advice! Yeah, I saw more people write about ‘better show than tell’. So I’ll definitely keep that in mind while writing.

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Okay, thank you! :slight_smile:

also dont rush to publish. a lot of people think its a good idea to publish as fast as they can. but actually its better you spend an extra week or two to make sure you dont have mistakes in the story.

people dont care if its get better later. they care what happens in chapter 1. and if chapter 1 suck we dont expect to become better .

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A tiny cliffhanger maybe, good spot directing & interesting plot usually are what make me want to keep reading a story.

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:joy: This is personally a huge turnoff for me. Also, :100: agree!


Cliff hanger is a must, you keep everyone on their edge or their seats, I recommend one at the end of each episode.

The beginning needs a good hook, something which makes them want to know more.

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I agree with @josiej8 on this! As annoying as cliff hangers are, it’s the only way to keep the readers hooked in the story. You should introduce the plot a bit as well like if the story was about a forbidden romance (cliché I know but it’s all I can think of right now) introduce the 2 characters and let the reader know why the can’t be together! It might be just me but I like to know what kind of story I’ve signed up for.

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