First ever story chapter! Feedback appreciated

This is my story that I just started (some of you might have seen me in another forum desperately looking for solutions to my initial mess up haha). It is about a daughter who is trying to encourage her mother to find love again, and somehow in the process, she gets herself tangled in the lives of crazy rich celebs.

She will have four potential love interests:

Noah Stedman: Oldest son of an A-list actor, who was involved in a mysterious scandal coverup from years back.

Blithe Stedman: The younger sister of Noah. Excitable, kind, friendly and just wants to make her pops and big bro happy. Harbinger of change.

Hugo Mcmeeking: An aspiring model with parents who are… not very supportive. He tries his best. Is a giant cuddly bear who just hopes he’s doing the right thing by following his dreams.

Sansa Hudson: An entrepreneur and tech genius. No one knows what she’s really up to, but believe it or not, everyone is scared of her. Or at least, of what she can do.

These four will become a close group of friends over the course of this story, regardless of the route you go for, and together they will uncover each other’s pasts, secrets, hopes and dreams… and maybe find love along the way who knows.

ANyways yeah! pls read ;n; i have planned ahead up until the story branches into each relationship routes, and I have the gist of the general, universal timeline happening regardless of the routes. I’m kinda doing a visual novelly approach with this and it sacrifices a lot of customizability I think, but I want to flesh out these characters so yeet. Thanks for readin this post! and hopefully the story too!!! tell me what ya think!!


It sounds really good, i’m gonna read it💞

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Please tell me what you think when you do!!!

Gonna read it :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

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wow, looks amazing!! thanks for having an equal amount of female and male love interests that makes my bisexual heart happy af lol. now I’m gonna read it and be an EpiHoe while leading everyone on hehehe


are we the same person

I actually can’t find it on the app ahh :eyes::upside_down_face:

wait it wasnt published I didnt click the link cause im dumb

Edit 2:

I read the first chapter and it seemed pretty interesting! I’m gonna continue on in the morning. Xx

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yes. lead EVERYONE on to the point where they get mad because I won’t get in a relationship with any one of them. that’s the trick. works like a charm.


DJFJFKGKG yup definitely the same person


omg i returned to nice replies on my posts !!! YEAH haha i have a slight bias towards the girls to be very honest, because i am very gay. i hope you enjoy it!!! its my first story so i hope its alright

lolol why does this sound like my entire life on Episode


OMG I`d love to read it!!!
Sounds really very interesting, not much stories can make me so exited!!

give me the name of your story, to not forget to read it, please.

p.s. last comment made me laugh

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Oh the link is here! It’s not published yet!

Playing right now!!!:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

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Owwwwww they are bowing when try on outfits

soooo cuteee

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