First Gem Choice In A Story

Hey! I read somewhere that the first gem choice in a story is always free (in the first chapter of a story since it’s also free to read)
Is that true? If I add a gem choice in the first chapter of my story, will everybody be able to choose it without having to waste gems? And will I get a gem chapter read added?
Thank you!

Yes (for most readers). I believe there are some unlucky people who are still seeing 15 gems for every choice? But on the flip side, there are some readers (such as myself) who can’t see gem choices in community stories yet at all.

I believe it still counts. Also, on a previous post I asked if it still counted as a gem chapter read for users who couldn’t see the gems and I got this response:

I believe it counts as a gem chapter read as long as the reader sees the choice. Then I think if it’s selected (whether or not the reader can see the gems), it counts as a gem choice selected but I’m not 100% certain.


Thank you so much for the detailed answer!