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Thank you to the wonderful @amberose for the title of this thread :kissing_cat:

Hey, I’m doing first chapter reviews (because it’s pass free lol) and I’m limited in passes plus it would take too much time (NO, I’m not making excuses XD)

Credit to amberose for this = I’m only doing a review on one episode so you can get an idea of what your readers might think of your story based on their first impression of it and I will be suggesting ways you can improve the first episode to make readers want to continue.

Anyways, I will tell you what I think of your episode and try to provide feedback and be honest.
I have a preference for shorter episode stories so I would love to review mostly 5-10 min. stories however I won’t turn anyone down.
Cost: Free
I’m not asking anything in return-just don’t attack me if my review gets on your nerves, please! I am only human!
My review will never be as amazing as amberose, but that’s because she is the best reviewer in the history of Episode. All will remember her.
Also, please note don’t request for a review if you get offended because I don’t want to deal with unnecessary drama!
Another thing to note is I may take a long time to review your story. Sorry but if you did request, I will do my best to get it to you : )

Write it this way please:
Story title:
Author on the app:
Story description:
Story link:
Covers (optional):
IG (optional):


I’m sorry i just had to share this gif, I hope it makes your day/evening/night :laughing:

Go ahead and request if you’d like! :black_heart:

People who have requested:

  1. None so far since at the moment reviews are closed.

Reviews Done:

  1. Review for @line123462 on their story Retrace
  2. Review for @Dr.Smile07 on their story MC: The Bar on 23rd
  3. Review for @JannahJackson on their story Tribe of Malapinchi
  4. Review for @Aims1141 on their story Compulsion
  5. Review for @fcukforcookies on their story Pine Hollow: Hex of the Three
  6. Review for @Eva_Diva1 on their story Living Among The Dead
  7. Review for @Marshmallow_O on their story Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane
  8. Review for @Danois on their story Every Family has it’s Secrets
  9. Review for @ALX on their story Love and Debt
  10. Review for @a.d.episode on their story Providence
  11. Review for @episodecece on their story Saving Enchantilis
  12. Review for @writeslondon on their story Clue: The Bow

Hello, I’m not sure if you are aware, but you can’t grasp much knowledge from only one chapter. It takes at least two chapters to be fully aware of the plot, the characters, and a lot more.

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you could look at mine it is not published yet which mean it is free to look at

Write it this way:
Story title: retrace
Author on the app: me .josefine
Story description: She never knew her dad, but after her mom end’s in a coma, she decides to contact him. He was a criminal and she was undercover. They fell in love. Two stories in one.
Story link:
Covers (optional):
IG (optional):

Hi, yes I’m aware. I know that which is why it’s awesome that there are reviews out there for people who have more than 1 episode (there’s reviewers that will review all three or more). Reviewing does take a lot of work (I’ve done it a few times, and I’ve even had some people request for one episode reviews that I was providing). If people feel that their story can’t be reviewed on one episode only, they don’t need to request here. It’s purely optional.

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I understand that. I was just making sure you knew that they might not have everything sorted out on the first episode.

Thanks for that, but that is something I already do know :wink:

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Then I am very sorry to bother you.

It’s fine.

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Would you like a review? :thinking:

yes please. i would to get a rewiew.

i have not done speechbubbels yet. and need to fix some grammer but els it is done

Cool :smile:

Attention everyone I know that doing reviews on chapter 1 only means I may not see more of your plot and I’m fully aware of this and I do indeed take it into consideration. Since I’m reviewing only one chapter, it will be a short review. I want to help and support people in some way. I just have too much on my plate right now to give a full detailed review of more than 1 chapter. So please don’t come in here telling me the “downsides” of a one chapter review when I know very full well. I know you may mean well but trust me, I wouldn’t have posted this if I thought it was a bad idea. If you feel your chapter 1 is off to a great start, you can request : )

Thank you for reading this and I’m kinda excited to do reviews on the Forums ^^


Note that the story isn’t published yet…
Story title: MC: The Bar on 23rd
Author on the app: Dr. Smile
Story description: The link between taking action and nostalgia is an odd stranger who poisons him with the one thing that sunk him in the first place: love.
Story link:

IG (optional):

You really are a sweetheart, thanks in advance, and be as honest as you need to be <3.

Feel free to check out my story.

Story title: © Tribe of Malapinchi

Author on the app: Jannah Jackson

Story description: Toss into a land of the sun, magic, lies and dark secrets in Asia. Can you make sense of the havoc you were tossed into and save everyone before it’s too late? CharacterCustomization

Story link:


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Hey there! Thanks for doing this!

Here’s my story (it hasn’t been published yet.):
Story title: Compulsion
Author on the app: Aimee.A
Story description: Zyro Morte is sent on death row. He’s given the chance to extend his time after the FBI need him for a mission. Simple? One problem, he has to jeopardise his soulmates family!?
Story link:

Thanks again for doing this! :hearts:

Well, it is an interesting concept for a review. I’d love to receive it for my story :slight_smile:

Story title: Pine Hollow: Hex of the Three
Author on the app: Elzbiet Zaleski
Story description: As Katarina and her family move to the town of Pine Hollow, they find themselves intertwined in a world of supernatural forces; what secrets will rise to the surface?
Story link:
Covers (optional):
IG (optional): @Elzbiet.Zaleski

I would love to receive a review from you if it’s no problem :slight_smile:

Story title: Living Among The Dead
Author on the app: Eva.T
Story description: A war between two corrupted cults, a man with a secret and you caught in the storm of love, survival and friendship.
Story link:

Attention guys, requests are closed for now so I can catch up, but I’ll let you know when they’re back on! :heart:


Thank you so much for doing this! :grin::sparkling_heart:

Title: Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane
Author: Marshmallow O.
Summary: Time is running out as you and your friends try to escape the mysterious sleepover that you were invited to… Read to uncover the Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane.

Hi, please read the comment above yours! When requests are closed, I would appreciate it so freaking much if people didn’t come here asking me to check out their story. Once requests are back on, I don’t mind. It just gets too much for me, ya know. Thank you for reading.

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