First Impressions and Turn Offs 💙

X3 funny and true its all the same no matter what sexuality/race/speices(like a fantasy vampire roomate or somthing)
Also i hate how ppl think genderbending tropes is something groundbreaking its not…its the same trope just diffrent gender.


I know :woman_facepalming:
Like really? This storyline again?! :sleeping:

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When you have to pay 100 diamonds to wear clothing if not u have to go to a party wearing a sack! That’s half of why i don’t really read featured stories.


Oh my god yes :woman_facepalming:

Definently narraration. Im reading a story rn where its way too much narrartion and the author comes off as trying to be deep and pretencious. I hate excessive narraration


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Honestly, I usually click out of a story right at the beginning if “The author” walks on to explain things about the story. Especially when they start saying, this is my first story, it may be rubbish but please give it a try or, the first three chapters are rubbish but it gets better… that kind of thing. Although my eyes usually just start rolling the moment the author walks on and I usually don’t get past their 'introduction :woman_shrugging:


I absolutely hate gem choices especially the ones that make you feel guilty for not wasting your gems that you worked so hard to get by having to read episode staff made stories or by day streaking.

Especially when said gem choices can be 15, 20, or even more! :expressionless:

For an example; want to save your friend from being killed? That’ll cost 15 gems, sweetcheeks! You don’t have it? Too bad!

Wish to maybe buy gems instead then? No can do; it costs ten US Dollars alone just to have a couple gems that more than likely won’t even go through a whole story series alone.

Oof, here I am ranting.

But yeah, not helping when you don’t know what you’re in for whenever you drop into a new episode of your current favorite story. :unamused:

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Most of the time it won’t even matter because you’ll likely get the guy in the end either way. I mean, nobody wants to play a story and waste passes to not even get the guy in the end, right? That’ll cause some serious outrage right there.

I’d love to see gem choices done correctly. I’d be more willing to spend gems at all instead of stacking them because I see little to no point in using them majorly of the time.

The Episode Staff already screwed themselves over when they place the four passes limit on us. Majority of the time, kids more than likely can’t even buy gems without their parents hunting them down for using money off of their account. If anything, they’d have to beg and the parents will refuse when they see just how much it is just to get a couple gems or passes. It’s a wonder how Episode is passing along so easily since they have to survive on ad revenue at this point.

I wish they treated their readers with a little more respect in a way? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the fact that they’re updating their game with new things to help writers out, but it seems like they rather just mess with themselves and ruin their only chance of making actual cash off the ad revenue they get.

Then again, I shouldn’t be saying much since they’re practically are breaking their own guidelines with the story ‘It Started With A Bra’ being featured.


Author notes saying “this won’t be the best cause it’s my first time writing a story” are always a put off for me. It makes me think that if the author themself doesn’t think the story is good, then I won’t either.

Narrative gets soooo boring, I can’t deal with like 15 straight speechbubbles just talking. I love the use of animations in Episode. It’s one of the reasons I don’t like reading Wattpad stories.


I agree, I’d rather have a visual, and get to know things as the story progresses, not with writing.

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Author introductions kind of give me the vibe that they’re going to be coming on in like every episode with pointless inputs. I hate those kind of authors who come on to the screen EVERY SINGLE EPISODE :woman_facepalming:


Ikr, “are you sure? I thought you wanted to be noticed.” Like wtf?

stuff like
would you like to wear this amazing fabulous glamorous fine a&& dress for 25 diamonds?
No thanks, I’ll wear this bag of sh1t.

or like
MC: Hi I’m Anna
Person: Hi I’m Elle.
MC:let’s be best friends after only talking for a minute.


oh the most annoying!
MC: I’ve seen this guy 2 seconds ago. He is the hottest person that I have ever laid my eyes on. I’ve felt this weird electricity running through my body. It’s like… Beyond his bad boy exterior, there was someone else…
2 days later after a party:
THE GUY: Anna… There’s something about you… That I can’t explain. You are just so… broods Different…


Lmaoooo yesss!
MC: I only met you a minute ago but I’m so in love :heart_eyes:
Guy: I never waste time with other girls but when I met you a minute ago I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you :heart:



Another little bump :slightly_smiling_face:

What jumps out in a story for you to stop reading it?
I stop reading a story if it, first of all, has people talking and they aren’t even doing an animation. Second, if there is like no spot directing, correct layering, or advanced zooms because I feel without that stuff, stories tend to get quite boring… Also, if the story is about a cliché topic… I will literally click on any story to read but I feel that in the first episode you can tell if it will be cliché or not. For example, I hate clichés yet one of my favorite stories is called “Bad Boy Roommate”… But there are some stories like @LillyR said that are too repetitive…

And what things make you think “this story is gonna be great”?
If I can tell from the first episode that the story is gonna be good, then I’ll continue to read it… For example, if I can like get to know/connect with all of the characters in the first episode without the author having them come on one by one and discussing their personality traits, I’ll continue reading. Also, if they have good directing, good dialogue, and especially a good plot


Ugh I hate when the author introduces each of the characters! So boring :roll_eyes:
Thanks so much for the points, there’s a lot to think about there :grin: