First Impressions and Turn Offs 💙


Lmaoooo yesss!
MC: I only met you a minute ago but I’m so in love :heart_eyes:
Guy: I never waste time with other girls but when I met you a minute ago I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you :heart:




Another little bump :slightly_smiling_face:


What jumps out in a story for you to stop reading it?
I stop reading a story if it, first of all, has people talking and they aren’t even doing an animation. Second, if there is like no spot directing, correct layering, or advanced zooms because I feel without that stuff, stories tend to get quite boring… Also, if the story is about a cliché topic… I will literally click on any story to read but I feel that in the first episode you can tell if it will be cliché or not. For example, I hate clichés yet one of my favorite stories is called “Bad Boy Roommate”… But there are some stories like @NeonLeah said that are too repetitive…

And what things make you think “this story is gonna be great”?
If I can tell from the first episode that the story is gonna be good, then I’ll continue to read it… For example, if I can like get to know/connect with all of the characters in the first episode without the author having them come on one by one and discussing their personality traits, I’ll continue reading. Also, if they have good directing, good dialogue, and especially a good plot


Ugh I hate when the author introduces each of the characters! So boring :roll_eyes:
Thanks so much for the points, there’s a lot to think about there :grin:


I completely agree. Honestly, although there’s been much controversy around the issue and many have presented their ideas, you’re the first I’ve seen to think the same as me. :smile:


My biggest turn off is telling instead of showing.

I hate when a character is like, “Yeah this is my best friend she’s in the same class as me, she’s really sassy and does karate and love frozen yogurt,” It’s so boring and not engaging at all.


Yasss definitely, I want to meet the characters and learn about them gradually!


There’s too many romance related stories on Episode.


Yeah I see where you’re coming from tbh, I wish there were more recognised comedies or mysteries. I love those!


I live for revenge stories! Filled with real drama, of course.


Ah yes definitely!! :raised_hands:


Yeah, I love them.


Some people don’t know the difference glamourizing certain things and Diversity: