First Impressions (da tea)


Omg I am so sorry I was never really mad I was just… Lmao a little pissed lol but that was my fault :joy::joy:


:joy::joy: No it wasn’t! Anyways, that was agesss ago! The only thing that matters is Maseeeyyy!! He is such a goddess



Thanks! :grin:


Lmao trueee


No problem! :joy:


Ooof ShiSter :upside_down_face::joy:


Not oof SHisTer :upside_down_face: you replied so late :cry::scream: :upside_down_face:


I only saw it now :joy::sob:


Thaught it :joy:


We love a smart ShiSter :relieved:


Aww…:wink: we love SHisTer


Cute funny and little crazy :rofl::rofl:


Aweee too kind :blush:


What about meeeeeee?

Spill da tea



Girl I already knew that you’ll be lit! I was so happy when I met you on discord and I was like yasssss I hope we get along and you’re so lit!




I met you in a rp and I was like. Hmm whatever you were honestly just nothing to Me but when we got added to the same forums family I was like. Dis chick is lit.
Now. I wanna see what people thought of me.


yeet nothing to lit what a glo up

Yeah in the RP I was like…
k just another human
Then after I was like
I have never met such a spicy and savage bish in my life BUT I LOVE IT AYE


2 words
Fierce and Humorous…Don’t really have anything more then that to say
yeah sure what did you think of me


U rock !!!