First Impressions



I’m Writing a new story And I want to know what people want an expect from the first Chapter, Please Lemme know down below!


Cliffhangers. Definitely cliffhangers.


Female Love Interest. Please. I’m a lesbian writing a story with a male li. Surly we can all write stories that everyone can enjoy. I’d like to do gender choice but thats super complicated. :thinking: Maybe my next story.


Well, some people prefer the chapter length to be short and there will be others who prefer one that is long, but I believe most prefer a average length one- it’s important to have a balance. Even if Episode 1 doesn’t cost a pass you still want the length to be perfect so that readers will want to continue :slight_smile:


I need to have a reason to continue.
Cliffhangers are good or just some element of intrigue that leaves me wanting to know more and has me instantly clicking on the next episode.


A good backstory so the story makes sense later on, and cliffhangers.