First Names Tip: Using a book of baby names, Social Security Administration site, or similar

Are you stuck trying to figure out characters’ names? Trying to make your characters’ names stand out just a little bit?

Look no further than referencing a book full of baby names or websites dedicated to names!

For those who are based in the U.S., the U.S. Social Security Administration has a website dedicated to baby names ( You can look up names by popularity, popularity by year, by U.S. region, by birth year, and by decade.

If the country you or your story is based in has a government or dedicated websites to baby names, that can work as well. (I can’t help in this arena because I’m terrible with Google searches for foreign websites :woman_shrugging:)

If anybody knows of government or dedicated websites to international names, please post it in the thread so others can look it up for research.