First or third person stories, which do you prefer?

I’m writing my first story but I’m struggling with deciding whether to make the MC talk to the reader and introduce herself or have a narrator and write from third person, when it comes to her backstory? Which do you prefer?

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Or you can show us instead of telling. What I mean by this is show the readers what she has gone through by showing flashbacks or her speaking to someone like a friend or family member. Show don’t tell, in few words.


i say third person, but i think you should go with whatever you prefer and like writing in the best.

I was thinking of showing flashbacks but I wasn’t sure if they should be narrated by her or the narrator, or not narrated at all, but I don’t want it to seem random :confused:

Definitely show flashbacks. Just ease them in. That’s what I do in my story because I don’t really like narration. If you do use narration then they should be by her. But not her talking to us readers, if that make sense.

I like first person
In flashbacks I’d narrate from her pov

If you enjoy and do well equally in both, I’d say pick 3rd omniscient

I’m just having trouble deciding on introductory episode, I wanted like quick funny scenes to give some backstory, like flashbacks but idk it the MC should be narrating it cheekily lmao

I think 3rd person totally, but you should also show us their thoughts too, almost like a mix.

Then first person would work great

That’s third person omniscient dude

I don’t mind first or third person stories so it’s up to you.

I like, not just in Episode, but story’s where one of the character’s can interact with the narrator as well as act as one, so like there are 2 narrators, one who tells the facts and then another who shows a side the audience may have never seen before

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First person!

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