First scene help!

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Im trying to make kinda like a flashback to an event that has already happened in the beginning of my story but come back to present time and bring the reader back to that point they saw in the morning. Can someone help me place them where they are needed? They are dancing at a party, but i don’t want the reader to find out which prince it is yet. Either Dallas or Dylan or Princess (haven’t picked a name yet) but this is the scene if anyone can help that would be great.

They are dancing at a party
DALLAS/DYLAN/??: Is this everything you imagined
LUCILLE: Whats that?
DALLAS/DYLAN/??: Living here with me, being married to me just being here with me in general.
LUCILLE: No not really, If you told me that I would have ended up here a long time ago I would have to laugh at you.
DALLAS/DYLAN/??: So i take that as a yes?
LUCILLE: -chuckles- Yes its everything and more. I love you
DALLAS/DYLAN/??: I love you.

kind of like with the prince being rear facing and MC is facing him?? if that makes sense

You could also make his display name nothing so that his name doesn’t show up when he talks

Yes, they are dancing and the MC is facing the LI.

I can definitely code something for you if you want.

Just send me character details + the background you want.

does it matter what dress because the reader will pick the dress and the LI its the same code for all right? But if you wouldn’t mind…

yeah it’s the same.

Will picking the dress be a future decision? If so I’m not sure what I could do there.

I can do the actual dance scene though

that would be amazing. What do you need from me?

if the reader picks the dress it will not effect the code will it?


what theyre wearing doesnt matter

So i can just put MC in a dress for the duration of code?


Character details + background, and vibe of the party (slow dance, fast, etc)

and do you want it to just be a scene between them or show that other people are there too?

like show the other people but slowly zoom into them. Its a ball kinda party, slow dancing. Everyone excited to be there. Its a castle ballroom.

This is Dallas and Dylan

As for MC im trying to figure out which dress i like better.

Okay! Can you send me their details?

Like wht they look like?

Yes their features so that I can make them :grin:

Oh otay give me a sec

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Body: Male Generic ( Rose 03)
Brow: Round soft (blackjet)
Hair: Wavy Messy (blackjet)
Eyes: Oval Wide (Hazel)
Face: Male Generic
Nose: button round
Lips: Medium straight natural (fair netural matte)

Body: same as Dallas and body color
Brow: same as Dallas and color black Dark
Hair: short shaggy (black Dark)
Eyes: same as Dallas and color blue aqua
Face: diamond soft
Nose: same as Dallas
Lips:same as Dallas

Body: female generic (Neutral 02)
Brow: arched thin (ginger red)
Hair: long down wavy princess braid (ginger red)
Eyes: round downturned wide (ice blue)
Face: heart soft
Nose: round button
Lips: small heart (peach gloss)

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