First story :) (advice wanted)

Just want advice on starting to write your story :slight_smile: :grin:


please don’t say “sorry i know it’s messy it’s my first story” like i’ve seen so many people say that and if you know it’s messy why publish? take some time to go through and make sure everything’s perfect

have a clear idea of where you’re going with the story from start to finish (not every chapter but a basic rough idea)

good grammar, no spelling mistakes. get a proofreader if possible it may be easier

know how to code properly before even thinking of starting your story it’ll save you a lot of hassle when you can code smoothly instead of having to look at tutorials etc on how to do something

also the first chapter, especially the first couple of lines, are crucial if you want people to continue reading. you want it to pull the reader in (:


Planning and organization is crucial! Jot down main points you want/needs to happen in your episodes.
Also flesh out your characters, like why are they there? What importance do they have? What kind of traits do they have? How do they differ from one another?


For your first story I would definitely say take your time! I feel like it takes a lot of knowledge, and time to make a story. Before you start, I would say jot down some ideas and how you want your story to be like, and maybe even look at other peoples stories and get inspired by some of those. For the coding part what helped me was youtube videos and episode forums. Once you get the hang of it you’ll do good!
Good Luck! :blob_sun: :blob_hearts: