First Story Advice

Hi! So, I just wrote my first story, published it, and now what? If you’re a first time story writer you may feel my frustration. Episodes only shows stories with high reader numbers, but how do I get them? Also, how do I know if my story is good if nobody is giving me feedback. I want this thread to be a place where veteran story creators can give advice on writing your first story.

Here is information on my story if you’d like to give me feedback:
Writer name: Mimi B.
Story name: In the County

Maybe do some read for reads or ask for feedback from other people on the forums. It’s all patience and luck really. I’ve had a story out for over a year I think and I have less than I hundred read, but others may get 100 reads in an hour. I guess you just have to be consistent with updating, be original and make the best story you can. Also, don’t count on the reads and try not to get frustrated because it will only make it worse. Just try to stay positive and patient :slightly_smiling_face: hope this helped and/or made some sort of sense.

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It did! I see what you’re saying, thanks so much!

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