First story can't decide

Hi everyone,

I’m writing my first story and the characters are in senior year but I am unsure if they should wear uniforms or whatever they want

  • Uniform
  • Whatever they want

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section I assumed it was correct as I would like feedback.


depend on the school, and your laziness.

if its an ordinary school in like USA a uniform is kinda out of place,

but just making evryone wear the same is easy, unlike having to change clothes on charaters


haha I’m not overly lazy lol
I don’t mind making outfits
Like here in Australia every school has uniform public or private and I know in USA it’s mostly private schools that have uniform if I’m not mistaken (sorry if that is not correct I base it off movies) so not sure if I wasn’t sure if they should wear uniform or not and by the looks of it not is preferred.

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