First story! (Episode Story)

So I’ve started making my first episode story, like, TODAY, and I am finding it a little hard doing codes and things like that.

So I was wondering if someone would like to teach me how to do the coding???


Hey! If you have any question about coding or would like and edit or OL just pm me about it
If you have a question about advanced directing and i didn’t answer you , check out this list, it could be helpful (make sure to also look at the comment section):
The list is not mine, here i tag the author of the list @fake_bananas
Have aa good day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Three places that helped with my coding
Dara Amarie’s website

Joseph Evan’s Youtube channel

@M_H_C_Episode’s list of tutorials


Coding is a skill that is acquired over time, and one person won’t really be able to teach you as it is something that you will need to practice and learn gradually. The forums are a great place to start, and you can find the answer to pretty much every question on here (definitely try using the search bar!). I highly recommend checking out the links @Dark_Clover21 dropped, they are an excellent starting point and help you to build a strong foundation to build off of. If you can’t find the answer to any specific questions you have through Googling or searching the forums, definitely feel free to make a post!


Just take your time! Use the episode tutorials and the above mentioned sources. I’m working on my first story too. You have to be patient, it’s been three weeks and i’m just finishing a 10th episode. Each day I work on it, I learn something new that I can go back and use to improve the previous episodes. Have fun with it!

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That’s actually super fast! When I first started it took me two weeks to finish the first episode, and now it takes even longer because advanced directing :joy::joy:


Thanks but I know mine still needs a lot of work!

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So does mine! We’re always improving :blush:


Thanks everyone!!! I really appreciate the help!

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