[First Story Ever] Dancing Midnight (Story Coming Up!) LIMELIGHT VER

Story Style: Limelight
Genre: Drama/Mystery
Author: Iove
Main characters:

  • Sofia (Female)

  • Venus (Female)

  • Wani (Female)

  • Ray (Male)
    Sofia is a normal 16 year old who is enrolling into Rosewood High school, a 5 star rated school, that is owned by the best education companies in the U.S. Sofia’s father is a gang leader and he left her and her mother when she was only 9 years old, and she despises him ever since. Her mother Becca Jefferson, decided to move to the U.S to help her family financially, and to get Sofia good education.
    Until she meets Ray a former gang member, and a powerful boy at school. His vicious eyes could scare the lions away, but in Sofia’s eyes he was a tall, tanned, handsome, and strong boy. Ray is 17 years old, he has a little sister called Venus who is 1 year younger than him.
    Venus is a makeup artist, and she’s a clothing designer, she helped one of the best clothing brands sell out their best clothes created by her! (Fun Fact: Venus actually Is Half Arabian)
    Here we come to the Asian girl Wani, she has a good sense of humor, and she’s good at helping people recover from their psychological issues, or if they’re so depressed she’s gonna stay with them until they finally recover, she is 2 years younger than Venus, and Sofia. She’s also is Venus’s best friend, and they hangout together a lot, and then they meet up with Sofia, who’s absent-minded about the school, and taught her everything she needs to know about the school. What will happen when Sofia finds out Ray was a gang member?, and mysteries of the high school she’s enrolling in… , and when is the day she’s gonna meet her dad… Find out when the story comes out! <3

                                                                Character's Appearance:

  • VENUSvenus

  • WANI waaani

  • RAY raaay
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(When the story is fully released in Limelight, I’ll create a INK version) :kissing_heart:
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-Iove :kissing_heart:

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