First Story read 4 read!

Um so I kind of Published my story today and would really appreciate if you guys could check it out. I’m open to doing read for read if you comment yours below!

Tittle: Squad: The secret amongst us
Genre: Mystery
Chapters: 3 currently out
Characters: 8
Descrpition: 8 teens wake up in a house with no recollection of how they got there are why. It’s up to them to figure w way out and answer unknown questions.

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Squad: The Secret Amongst Us

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hey, i’m up for r4r!

Here’s my story!
Name: Arena Of Pride
Genre/s: Drama filled with romance
Author: Jelly
Episodes: 7 (more coming soon)

The streets of Morocco are swimming in crime secrets. Accidentally - a twist of fate, drags Layla and her family deep down in the mafia world, where she meets Oscar Kebryak

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Hi! I would love to do a R4R! :relaxed:

Link to my story:

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Hey! I’d love to do a R4R!
Here are my details:
Title Squad: The Dragons Eight
Author Nat.Alia
Genre Fantasy (Action)
Style LL (CC for 2/8 leads)
Description A civilization overrun with darkness. A dragon heir, powerless and alone. The fate of the Winged Empire is in the hands of eight misfits…

… What can go wrong?

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I’ll start reading right away! :relaxed:

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Just added it to my shelf! :wink:

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Hi! I’m up for R4R😊

Here’s my story.

Title: The Scarf
Genre: Comedy
Style: Limelight
Episodes: (completed 5 episodes)
Link to my story:

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I’ll get started on it!

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Okay I’ll read it!

thank you for giving my story a chance! :heart:

Is this going?

If it is here’s mine :wink:

Title - Maid Of Honour

Link -

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Do you want to r4r?
13 year old, Hannah wants to explore the world, and find her true self. What’s stopping her? Anxiety. Follow Hannah as she overcomes this obstacle.

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can we do r4r?

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Yeah for sure send me the link and I read it!

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Yeah I’ll be able to read it!

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Just added this to my shelf!

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Ok thx

So many good entries i am gonna fun with reading squad entries and oh yeah!

I am willing to do 3 chapters for a start. I will be expecting the ss from you after a week from when i have sent mine and also the vice versa from me as well if u finish it first. If you have ig, pls dm me there if not pm me the ss. If we like each other stories we can proceed for more if u have more that 3 chapters as well.

If you’re okay with all this, i cant wait to read your story!

here’s my story info!



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Duplicate thread closed. Refer to newest: Still Open to do r4r!