First Story, spot directing help

Hey so I am writing my first story on episode. And I just tried to make my character go to sleep. Which she did, but she is off screen, so I cant see her. Then also the speech bubbles arent in the right places. I also tried the spot directing, and so i would put everything where i wanted it to go, and then i would save it, and then when i would go to preview my story its like nothing happened. I’m not sure if i was using it incorrectly or whatever, but i need help positioning everything. I just need my characters and speech bubble to be in the correct places, and i want to be able t see my character when she is sleeping. Someone please help lol.


When you spot direct a character laying down, you have to specify which direction they’re facing (@CHARACTER faces left/right)

Also, if you want speech bubbles in a certain spot, you have to also spot direct the speech bubble to where you want it to be.

Here are some helpful links:

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