First story! thoughts? Advice?

So here’s the description.

”During a fight between you and your best friends, the 4 of you are teleported into a video game. Can you find your way home and resolve the drama? You’re going to have to…

I am currently working on Episode one: How it all began
Character pics:

First pic: Main character (customizable name)
Second pic: Ella (best friend)
Third pic: Tristan (best friend / Ella love interest)
Last pic: Lucas (best friend/ Mc love interest)

Tell me what you think!


That’s really creative! You might want to expand on the plot before you start to write tho, be more specific :sparkles:

Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind!

The latest screenshot of characters. This is Ella’s avatar in the game.

The girls are awesome!
The boys are average, it seems you focused on girls way more that boys

She becomes a vampire, the Mc becomes an angel, Lucas is a mage, and Tristan is a sword fighter. I will add their pics as I create them.

Mc game avatar

Maybe modify the guys so they look less distinctive to the default chars but other than that I like it :smiley: Because I know that using the default chars is a pet peeve to so many readers.

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I really like it, sounds a lot like Jumanji. Try to add your own spins too!

I feel like the characters all look like the same 2 people. Add Diversity girlie!! If not, just a thought lol

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