First story tip?

thankyou so much i started this story like 3 months ago but i delete it and wanted to start over and have bin planning my story just like you just said :relaxed: but what do you think of the story from what you just read? do you think this is something that people will like?

thankyou for the tip i will go check out his videos :relaxed:

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Sure! It sounds like it would be a good drama :smile:

Just a quick tip:
I’m not Italian, and I’m not sure if you are, but since your story seems to be similar to an Italian mafia story, I would recommend doing some research on the cultural background of your characters to avoid misrepresenting them as the exaggerated stereotypes that exist. Asking other people who are Italian for advice can also be a great way to do some research.

(I hope you get what I’m trying to say… I just wanted to mention this because I’ve seen several posts about misrepresentation in Episode stories and seen it first-hand myself).


first of all thankyou that is what i am going for for the drama haha and second of all no i’m not italian but i heard of that before so i am doing research to prevent misrepresenting.
thanyou so much for all the tips

i definitely recommend planning your story out in a doc! it seems super boring and tedious, but you can add color, decorate the doc, organize information and it’s just so much better than throwing random ideas down as you go!

if you need help making an organizer, let me know and I’ll make a template for you!

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haha i feel so a newbie saying this but what do you mean by an organizer do you have a sample :sweat_smile:

haha it’s fine!
i mean something like a chart where you can fill out the important details for each episode!
personally, when i organize my stories, i fill out the plot for each episode, the important details, new characters that will be introduced, the opening scene, the key events and all that fun stuff!

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i can show you a picture if you still don’t understand lmao

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i think i have an idea what you mean but it cant hurt to look at an example haha

of course! just a second :slight_smile:

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Of course! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or just want to chat :relaxed:

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thankyou xx maybe when i have little bit more of the story i can show you and get your opinion about it if you want? :blush:

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ofourse :blush:

Yep. @Xepisode.s I’m gonna be frank, as of now (and from the little I could read) your story plot seems to be falling into some clichés, plus I can kinda see some inconsistencies. Make sure to visit our shop for correct cultural representation, realistic character designs and translations.


thankyou so much this could be a great help for my story :blush:

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can i have one…? :eyes: :joy:

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yeah of course I’ll make it and pm you when I finish!

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thank youuuuuuuu !!!

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