First story tips?


I am thinking of making my first ever story on Episode. I have only really been reading other people their stories and have never worked with anything like this myself.

Now my question is, do you have any tips or anything which might be helpful to start? Things that I should think about? Should know? Or maybe videos that I definitely should watch? You name it! Anything that could be helpful is highly appreciated.

Thank you all so much already. :sparkling_heart:


a few. the search button helps a lot when you cant remember code. I often use it for props because I can never remeber it.

have your entire plot figured out before you publish. if you are in a work flow of wirthing dont do code, do that later.

have someone beta read the story before you publish

do not look at the line instead take time on how long it takes you to read

dont add CC before you are ready to publish, its in the way when you write on the script. also there might be added new hair and then you have to change it anyway

prof read on your phone before you publish, sometimes, layers or face directing is diffrent and your phone is what is correct.


I have a few tips for you:

  1. PLAN FIRST - I would highly recommend planning your story before coding. It happens all the time that I come up with a few new ideas while coding but make sure to write them down so you won’t forget details later. It will make your life as an author waaaaay easier if you plan first and write after.

  2. DON’T PUBLISH TOO QUICKLY - I made the mistake that I published right away after finishing three required episodes. I would never do that again. Publish when you have at least 20 episodes (of course it depends how long your story will be in general) and then publish 3 episodes and update weekly so your readers feel connected to you and don’t have to wait too long for updates and meanwhile you can work on further episodes :blue_heart:

  3. TRY TO USE ADVANCED DIRECTING - If possible, try to use advanced directing, with zooms and maybe tappable overlays and overlays in general, remembering choices, minigames, etc. It will take some time to learn but it’s soooo worth it and you can always look something up on Dara Amarie’s website.

  4. FIND A PROOFREADER - A proofreader is not only good for finding directing and grammar/spelling mistakes but a proofreader can tell you if something doesn’t really make sense so you can change it

This is what came into my mind spontaneously, dm me if you need help or anything, I will gladly help you! :blue_heart:


@line123462 & @annaw.stories thank you both so much for these tips. i think these tips will definitely come in handy and it helps to set my mind at ease while i am currently just thinking of a solid story and trying to think of the whole storyline itself.


Also, Joseph Evan’s tutorials on YouTube are lifesaving! Same goes to Dara Amarie :grin:


I have started to make tutorials too. though only posted three as of now, working on my 4. because with the portal update Joseph’s is kinda outdated. but yes his videos have helped so much

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