First story, would you read it?

Hey guys, I’m in the middle of writing my first story. It’s called “The fairy and the wizard”, it’s a fantasy story written in Spotlight and Limelight. I’ll leave a description and I’d like to know if it’s something you guys would read or it’s just bad, haha.

Description: After Kaia and her mother, Queen Aine are taken prisioners by evil King Octavius and stripped of their wings, Kaia manages to escape and ends up in front of an old Fairy friend, Belladonna, another Fairy, Lorelei and a misterious stubborn Wizard, Liam. Together, they start to plot against Octavius’ kingdom. Will they be able to save the Fairy Queen and overthrone Octavius or will he and his son Prince Lucius outsmart them?

I’d like to read your sincere opinions about it, guys, because I don’t know if I should continue writing it or if I should better think of something else!

Thank you all! X

Seems like an interesting one! I probably am gonna read this even though I’m not a Fantasy kind of person :grin:


I love all genres so I will definetely check it out!!

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