First story you’ve ever read?

what’s the first episode story you’ve ever read i discovered episode around 2016 and i think my first was like bad boys girl or something, it’s an episode original💀


Mine would have to be the Demi stories. As a self-proclaimed Demi Lovato stan, it’s the reason I found out about the app in the first place. Imagine my disappointment when the saga was unfinished and the third season was only half out! Pretty sure it’s out now, but I’ve lost my progress rip.


Dude! That was so long ago…I don’t even remember when I got the app, I believe it was in 2016 as well. I don’t even remember the first story I read, I read a lot of stories :relieved:

I honestly don’t remember the exact first story. I only remember reading a collection of stories around that time so i’m not sure which one was my first. But around the time that I joined I was reading the demi lavato series, the mean girls series and chain reaction when it was still a user story. Times were rough before i discovered the difference between those and episode originals lol.

I think mine were Campus Crush and Always Talk to Strangers way back in 2014.

Not 100% sure, it was really long ago :joy:

I think it was Love Life

Oh god LOL, this is gonna require a bit of thinking

I’m fairly certain it was Only Vampire Love by LOH all the way back in 2014, I was obsessed with this story. I wonder if I were to re-read it, if I’d still like it?


it was lwk good-

the mean girls story! it got me hooked!

obvi love on fire