First story you've read on episode



(I’ve just started making threads, and damn that’s so fun)
However, Episode is one of my favorite apps ever, I started using it back in summer 2016 and I was obsessed with it ever since. I remember the first story I read was My Brother’s Best friend because it was in my shelf obviously and I didn’t know how to use the app properly.
And I’m curious to know what was the first story you’ve ever read ?



The secret of rain, I guess. I really loved that story!


I still have that really old app on my kindle because it refuses to update, so there are no new stories on it, and it just had the old classic stories. Lovestruck was one of the first ones I read on there.


My first story I think was Cameron Dallas and I loved it.


When I first got the app, I was only given the option to read Campus Crush or Real Hollywood as my first story (wow, that makes me feel old).


Mean girls


I remember that! I’m pretty sure i read campus crush first! I can’t use the app on my kindle anymore because I played all the stories and it doesn’t work when I try to play MY OWN stories. Like I said, it’s still on there- it didn’t update. I actually think it never updated, so there was a new version all along but I didn’t have a phone to see it.


The classic Campus Crush, Lovesick and Bloodlines :joy:


Do you guys remember when that classic girl would present us the stories like: Here are all the horror stories- meant to send shivers down your spine… or something like that. Or- our authors are working on more stories for you, so be sure to tune back soon!


My very first was one of the first stories if the very first on the app. Campus something? Where a girl in college has a mysterious benefactor and tries to find out who it is.


Does it count when Episode literally forced me to read Mean Girls?


Omg :joy: :joy:
Mine Was Probably The Dolan Twins or Silver Lining


My first story was Bad Boy Bachelor Island it was lit!


My first was Pretty Little Liars.


I thought it’d be Chain Reaction :joy:


Welll Episode practicly forced me to read Pretty Little liars…


I’m not entirely which story I read first, but my best guess would be Campus Crush.


The first story I ever personally read was Mean Girls. I’m not sure why, I think it was because it was the first one I saw upon starting the app
Or maybe Episode defaulted me to read it. I don’t quite remember the first user story I read. Maybe it was Camp Stillwater?


The first one I read on there was Campus Crush lmao I’ve had episode for a long time


Campus crush classic and tangled love classic :revolving_hearts: