First Time Being On A Ship/Boat

My first time, was on a school field trip to Eleuthera, (yes, The Bahamas) to visit the Glass Bridge and other things, and get food. God, I didn’t like it the boat was moving left n right, I was feeling seasick, and overthinking “Oh, CRAP DON’T DROWN, DON’T DROWN, HOLY!!!”

Then, I went on this boat for a party, and I was actually WARING: sexually assaulted. guy comes up to you n u looking at him, n can smell his drunk breathe, I was, what, 14 or 15. Sitting next to you asking question, God that felt so uncomfortable, good thing I told my mom after that, cause I did get that weird feeling that he was about to touch me. Guys, if you ever plan on going to a party on a boat, bring someone with you and stay with that person…

So, what were yall experience first time on a boat. :tea:

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I don’t remember my first time on a boat, I was probably around 2 or 3 though. I spent the summers at my grandparent’s quaint lakehouse when I was little and they’ve always had this older pontoon boat, so I think my body is permanently used to rocky waters and all that lmao. Now that I’m older, I do get a bit anxious on them though. But it’s mainly because I would probably die if my phone fell into the water (even if it is a cheaper android LMAO)

Also, something similar has happened to me a few times before and I’m literally so sorry it happened to you! Remember to always tell someone where you’re going, put a lid on your drink and NEVER put it down if you don’t know people there, maybe even get pepper spray, etc! Unforchantely, we live in a world where people prey on the vulnerable and it makes me sick :confused:

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I’ve Never mind on a boat

My best friend and i went a boat for the first time when we were like 6 and 7. It was on the coast and it was pretty chill until my best friend got sea sick. Our parents kept telling him that well be back on shore soon but something happen (i dont remember exactly what happened but the shore was closed or something and the coast guards kept telling us to watch out ;-; might have been a shark or something) he was super sick the entire time and like the not so helpful friend i was, i kept telling him that he might have to be out here for a long time and well never go back on shore

Six year old me was not the person you’d go to for a pep talk XD

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