First time creator! help pls

Hi guys!
this is my first time ever creating a story and I just need some help, how do I go about with the disclaimers at the beginning of an Episode (Strong language or adult content etc)?
I was also wondering, do you think an Episode with average directing could still be popular? I’m just finding it super hard doing all the coding, I haven’t even been able to create an introduction :frowning_face:
sp if anyone has any advice or useful links that could help with a fantasy story, I’d really appreciate it


Hi there,
To answer your first point, if you search for warning in the art catalog, you should find what you are looking for or you can make your own.
If you want any help with coding you can message me on Instagram @stories.meg and I would be happy to help with any questions you may have.

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Joseph Evans videos on YouTube and Dara Amarie’s website are a great help for beginners


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