First time doing an edit - Feedback is needed, if liked by many, will open a thread :)

Hi, everybody! Well, I was just playing around and did some contour on a character. Could you guys give me some feedback on how it looks?

I may consider doing edits in the future with some other extras :slight_smile:

Here are the edits:

I only did contour, but if I start doing requests, I can consider possibly trying to draw shirts, but not dresses or pants or hair.

Tell me what you think :heart:

NOTE: You may have to zoom in to see the contour.


It’s really nice! If you do decide to draw your own clothes, I recommend this video: it helped me a lot and (if you haven’t already) I would recommend procreate, it’s a really easy to use editing app, I use it myself. Hope this helped you a little xx

Maybe try blending it less so it’s more noticeable.

Try going here for more feedback Official Art Sharing and Feedback Thread

@eden.episode @BlueMoonWolf Thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:


they are good… I agree with @eden.episode about how to improve


I’m definitely going to blend more, I just didn’t cause my eyes couldn’t see the contour :joy:

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Im still learning myself…