First time editing, just face and hair

So my first time messing with ibis paint was tonight. Does it look bad :joy: open to any tips and criticisms :stuck_out_tongue:


First off, it does not look bad. Heck, I’m impressed since this is your first time doing that. One criticism is to not make the black lines so choppy. Smooth them out as much as you can.


I was using my fingers because I don’t have a stylus atm :joy: but thank you :blush:

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Ah, aight. I gotchu…(even more impressive). :slight_smile:

Thanks love :heart::grin:

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whAt sOrcEry iS thiS?! I was not half this good when I first started doing art :sob:

I’m artsy just not usually when it comes to tech. Do you have any now, I’d like to see them :grin:

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I find doing it on phone easier then on normal paper tbh and yes I do :relaxed:

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Not me lol :joy: can I agreed them :face_with_hand_over_mouth::smirk::slight_smile:


My art is too horrible to show :rofl:I’ll probably make you blind!

But other then that I’ve been working more on custom poses, I’m too lazy to make a story myself or continue the one I was making so I’m thinking of just volunteering to make custom poses and coding help to someone else

That’s just three I’ve made, I think I’ve come far in custom poses :thinking: but all my more recent ones are on my iPad unfortunately

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I wouldn’t think so, but whatever makes you comfortable :slight_smile: these are amazeballs I wish I could do custom posing :joy:

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thanks, custom poses are easy to do when you know what parts to use and what to do

Ive been writing for almost two years, my memory is just crap :astonished::joy::exploding_head:

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haha mood

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It’s really good for your first edit. I wasn’t this good at first.:sweat_smile: Just a tip, for smooth lines it really helps to turn the stabilizer on.:two_hearts:

I’ll have to look for that being the first time it took me a minute to find everything I used :joy: the layering omg through me off so bad lol. Thank you for the tip dear. Much appreciated :grin:

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Of course! It’s very confusing at first, understandably. And I couldn’t agree more, layering can be confusing in the beginning. :joy:

After I figured it out seemed pretty easy, but I usually hand draw so it was interestingly frazzling there in the first quarter :rofl:

:joy: That makes sense. Must be a little weird going from a drawing utensil to a finger haha!

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