First time script writer...a couple of questions for help

Hi everyone!

I apologize if this might be in the wrong forum.

I’m hardly used to writing script or HTML so please bear with me. I have watched some videos already though, so I know the basics. Basics like dialogue, character emotive animations, spot directing (actually need help on this specifically, due to issues), entering and exiting. So I’m not a TOTAL caveman haha.

However, I really want my Episodes to be sleek and smooth before embarrassing myself out there if my story ends up getting published. I have a general planned layout for my first episode.

Alright, so here are my questions. I will try to upload photos here too so you can get the general idea of the errors I’m having. I’m typing this from my phone for now but helpful pointers would be awesome.

  1. Alright, first question. This is honestly driving me absolutely nuts, and probably the biggest issue I’m having. This is about spot directing. I already know how the numbers work, scaling and positioning.

For the sake of convenience, my character name will be YOU.

For placing characters in a spot, I put @YOU then the spot number I copy from the directing preview you use for spot directing, zooming, yadda yadda.

Now, placing the characters really isn’t the issue. It’s WALKING from a certain direction that’s busting my chops.

Either scenarios happen when I do both these commands.

@YOU walks to spot no.
In this scene, especially since I’m making her walk from a different zone, I want her to enter from the RIGHT to left. However, when I do this command, she will retain the sized scale and position I want.

BUT she keeps walking from the left automatically. Is there any way to make her walk from the LEFT instead???

NOW, I tried this command too to counter this issue. This one is annoying af.

@YOU enters from left to spot no.

She does this, but the glaring problem is that she enters while in regular scale (larger than what I shrinked/scaled her for the scene) then shrinks to the desired scaled position. She walks to the place I want her to walk to, but she basically looks huge (the regular scale the characters are default in) then shrinks when she walks to the desired position, if that makes sense?

It makes the scene look SUPER silly and clumsy. Can someone please help me on this??? I was told that it’s not possible for characters to walk from spot no. to spot no. (meaning I tried @YOU walks from spot no. to spot no.) but I get the error that goes along the lines of (character must walk to x/y/z). It works if I do spot no. to left/right but again, same clumsy animation.

Screencap below is the character doing the ENTER command I gave her to a specific spot no. Notice how she is initially bigger than the two guys but then gradually shrinks their size once she gets to where I want her to be. How do I fix this? Or is there another different script to do this?

When I do the walk command, she seems to stay the same size I want her to be but enters/walks automatically from the left, and I want her to come from the right instead (facing left too)

  1. Another issue I’m having. I had to redo the script for the episode because for some reason it screwed up the script during my introductory scene. I’m now seeing it again in the preview and don’t know why I have to do it a third time.

Instead of @AUTHOR enters from yadda yadda to screen center, it looks wonky now. The dialogue bubble is on the top left instead of the center where it should go, and the character is barely visible. I’ll post a pic in case you need more info, since I’m a new user and it wont let me post more than 1 photo. The second inquiry is my priority, followed by this as a close second.

UPDATE: Okay so apparently after updating and frantically tapping rewinding lines of script it FINALLY does what its supposed to. Is this a common bug in the preview script director??? I don’t want this to be published only for to to glitch up again for readers… :confused: I have a feeling this is random.

Sorry for the lengthy post! :frowning: I wanted to be specific as possible since I think I shouldve been smarter to be on my laptop instead to post the exact script. Even a bit of help or pointers are appreciated, and I will post the script should you need it when I get back home from my appointment!

Welcome!! :blue_heart:

  1. I’ve made a guide for what I call Spot Walking. It’ll help you with these issues:
  1. Be sure to also check your story on the app previewer as it is more reliable than the web previewer.

What is the script/code/thingy for walking to a different zone?

So far, this is what I have for this scene.

    YOU (talk_angry_accuse)
What did you just call me?!

@pause for a beat

@cut to zone 3

@ZEKE spot 1.079 206 2 AND VICTOR spot 1.179 285 -52 AND ZEKE is frustrated AND VICTOR is arms_crossed_angry

    ZEKE (talk_arms_crossed_angry)
I swear to god, that yapping banshee won't stop.

    VICTOR (talk_afraid)
Don't, Zeke!

    VICTOR (talk_awkward)
Your coach said that if you got in another fight, you'll be off the lacrosse team-

    VICTOR (talk_doubtful)
I'll go break it up-

@ZEKE faces right

    ZEKE (talk_angry)
I'm not going to just stand here and see that shrimp-dick asshole harass-

@cut to zone 4

@JADE faces left
@JADE enters from right to spot 1.083 163 -26


I get the gist of your comment though. I just need to know how to write it out, is all. >.<

The bolded is what I need help with or what I’m trying to write out. Basically, I want Jade to walk to zone 2, and stand around the left.

When you said to put a character in a different “zone” offscreen then just have them walk to another zone, do we have to include the “cut to zone 3” for directing purposes (and then delete it so Jade is walking in the right spot and right scale?) If that makes any sense, sorry.

Definitely will keep your guides and this comment in mind :slight_smile:

Yeah the preview thing really threw me off and made me frustrated because I thought I had to redo the entire thing again lol… thought I did something wrong. I checked on both viewers, and both would act up the same.

Sorry, the guide is a bit overwhelming (bunches of numbers) and such. It won’t stop me from going through it but man I feel dumb ha.

I think it’s starting to make a bit more sense now.

What stood out to me first were the coordinates you used in your example first. The entire time I thought different zones affected the coordinates… lol.

Meaning I can use the present characters in the directing helper instead of having to “insert” Jade into the scene for coordinates. Granted, the only difference being is that essentially that you just need to write the zone number so they can just enter/exit off screen?

Thank you both SO much, btw. If it’s alright with you @Rune.episode, can I consult you on any other directing help in the future?

If I get Night Shift published and (HOPEFULLY) gets a lot of views, you best believe I’ll credit you in the endings of each episode <3

Well thanks to you, I’ve actually been writing a lot faster since I’m getting the hang of it. :slight_smile:

The only parts I’m trying to teach myself is transitioning or fading in/out.

I wish I could share my story with you to ask for tips on those pointers.

Again thanks so much :smiley:

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: