First Time Using ibisPaint X. Rate My Drawing Please?

The title is self explanatory. I’ve always wanted to be an artist, but I actually suck at drawing on the computer. Someone told me about this app and I downloaded it, just to test it out. This drawing took me at least two hours haha.

It looks terrible. I want to get into drawing Episode characters, but I just started out with drawing a cat. How does it look in your eyes? I’d love your feedback <3


That looks amazing! You are so good I wish I could draw like that

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It’s adorable! Great for first timer. :blush:

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Thank you! And nah, this drawing isn’t very good, you could probably do so much better!

I hope I get better the more I draw <3

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I get it. I just suck at digital art. And art in general.

Here is an example of the digital art I did yesterday. From the hair down. I did the whole body except face and hair. I am not the best artist. So I feel awkward drawing digitally

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It looks good! I didn’t even realize you had drawn the body until you told me

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The drawing is really fantastic :sparkling_heart: :pencil2:. You have done the drawing very nicely although you’re new. A big round of applause for your effort :clap:

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Great job! Amazing for a first time!

I’ll give an 8.5 :scream:

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There are white bits here and there, the line art could be cleaned up, you could add some shading, and some parts of the animal anatomy are wonky e.g: the eyes, and lastly you could add some depth to the fur. I’d rate it a 6.5/10, mainly just because it lacks shading, which is a large part of making your piece look pleasant. Good first piece overall


It’s good! I like it

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