First time writer-Co-writer needed❣️

If anyone is interested in co-writing and coding I would love help I don’t know how to code all that well but I’m writing the story line if you are interested let me know and you could help me write the storyline if you think it needs work done to it I haven’t started it yet because I wanted to find someone first but if you are willing to help I would appreciate it.:heart:


I am willing to help you if you like. I wasnt that good at this episode writing thing, but its much better now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I am a great coder. I can help you. Contact me on Instagram @universal_matondo

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Hi @babygurlkay05 My Name is Hannah! I would love to write for you as i have been writing for 8 years i would love to know about your story line and what you’d like to do for your story! I can do all the writing for you and free of charge! I just really like writing so just lmk if you need anyone! Ill always be here hun :slight_smile:


Message me please❤️

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I have many ideas and I want to implement them. I suck with coding so you will have to do that, but we will discuss and create the plot together (I already have some stories ready in case you want to use them). The story is going to be yours because I do this as a distraction.

If anyone it’s interested please PM !

Hi if your interested can you code my 4th ch

i Messaged back