First Time Writer Seeking Mentor/Coder

Hi! I’m Olivia and I am in the process of writing Cutting Ties my first story on the episode app. I’ve already reached out to a few people in the creative spectrum for my splashes and covers, and I’ve begun to write my draft. I’m just worried about turning my how many or so paged story into episode coding. Also it wouldn’t hurt to have someone bounce ideas and themes off of. If anyone is interested or also searching for help inquire below:

(You can bounce ideas off of me :smile: )

Hi, Olivia! Writing your first story can be so exciting…and frustrating at times. I’d love to help you out so that you have more exciting times than frustrating times! I’m currently writing my first story as well which I started in May and published in July. I’ve gotten pretty good at coding. I’m also in an AP computer science class at my school so that helps a lot. I think this would be mutually beneficial for both of us since I could use someone to bounce ideas off of as well. If you’re interested, feel free to reply here or contact me on instagram @gabriellac.episode . Good luck with your first story!
– Gabriella

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First off I wanna say thank you so much for responding so quickly and kindly! Can’t wait to start working together

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Do you still want help?

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Of course! I can’t wait to start working together either! :blush:

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Yes ofc I’m open to all the help I can give/receive

If you need any help on anything, let it be plot ideas to spot positioning or overlay directing feel free to PM me :smiley:

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Awesome thank you so much! Imma start writing some more once I get home. I’ll message y’all soon


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I have a little excerpt written on Google docs, can I get some feed back? Also how do you want me to send it to y’all?

I could read it.

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I’ll paste what I have so far down below, then yall can give me pointers and such and also ask questions:


Cutting Ties-Chapter 1

(Chapters are loosely inspired to whatever songs I’m listening to in contrast to the initial plot)

I ran after him with all the strength my little body would allow.

Faintly, barely over the pouring rain, I heard my mother curse aloud, begging me to come home with the promise of a whooping.

My sister stood next to her with a forlorn look on her face.

It wasn’t me who she was saddened by but rather she was sad for me.

By the time I rounded the corner I was out of breath and tripping over myself.

Why does he have to walk so fast?

Why wasn’t he facing me?

No more running. He’d have to look me in my eyes and tell me if he didn’t want to stay. He will face me like the man he says he is.


I screamed and screamed until my throat croaked.


There was a brief moment of hesitation before he faced me. Time slowed, the drizzle turned into rain and my heart broke. He kneels before me almost afraid to reach out and touch me. Yet he did. He pulled me toward him suddenly, crushing me against his water-stained jacket and shirt. I will never forget what he said to me.

“Dee. I want to be happy, take care of your momma and sister, become something that I’m not.”

“And what’s that?”

“Somebody.” and with that one word my father kissed me and left.

I collapsed shortly before my sister Amaya found me and picked me up like she always had. She sheltered me from the rain as she held as I fell apart. Our father never told us that he loved us but rather showed it. This time I didn’t get a chance to return the favor. I never did.

PRESENT DAY ATLANTA (To be continued from here)


This beginning is so good and it evokes plenty of emotion which is great for the beginning of a story because you want to catch the reader’s attention which you certainly did. You’re writing is lovely and very descriptive. As far as the literary aspect goes, you have that made. I’d suggest thinking about how you want your scene to look visually i.e. do you want everything to be displayed on the screen how you wrote it? Do you want parts of what is written acted out by the characters and other parts just narration? Or do you want all of it to be narrated? Just keep those questions in mind when you’re writing. Keep up the good work!


I wrote a little more just now, and I have a couple of issues. Like I’m not sure if my chapter is long enough or how to transition it to be longer. I can post it on here in a few.

just send me the link

Ok I have it posted on here but ill post the link too once I get home

I need access. :sweat_smile:

Oops sorry!

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