First time writing story would anyone with exprience like to help

its going to be a romance to


I’d be happy to help you if need someone to brainstorm with, or if you need occasional coding assistance or if you need to discuss ideas but my online availability is limited so I can’t do it on a frequent basis. Still, my PMs are always open!

okay thank you

Are u still open to brainstorm with somebody? Or give an opinion on the few episodes overall?

I am helping multiple people so my activity and time is split, but yes, I’m still open to helping with brainstorming, advice, throwing ideas back and forth, coding errors here and there etc. (:
I don’t do reviews or proofreading in particular for free though. :grimacing:

Pls I need help I can’t write a story with my episode app it isn’t showing me the start a new story in the app

Unfortunately, mobile creation was scrapped quite some time ago so no one can create stories from their app anymore. You’ll need to do it via the writer’s portal website.

Edit: As this is off topic, I’ll PM you!

But doing it that method requires the use of computer and I don’t have one I tried doing it with my phone but it ended up bad

Can i Pm u the link so that u can give an opinion about my first 3 episodes? I don’t have a time limit or whatever

A general opinion? Sure!

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