First timer \o/



Hey guys! I’m Insinex. I just joined the forums, and I’m looking forward to getting to know some of y’all :see_no_evil: :heart:

Hope we become friends! :wink:



Hey welcome to the forums!


Hey I’m Mimi! Welcome to the forums! :heart:️ Message me if you ever have any questions!


Welcome to the club!


Thanks, Kaycee :slight_smile:


If you ever need to talk I am right here!


Thanks for taking the time to welcoming me! I’ll be sure to message you with any questions! :wink:


Likewise :wink:


Glad to be here! :sunny: :slight_smile:




Thank you for stopping by to say hello!

Excited to spend some time, here.


enjoyy! :blush:


Hey Insinex! Im Jenevie, but prefer Jenna


Well nice to meet you, Jenna! You can just keep calling me Insinex! Hope to see you around the forums, some other time! :wink: :slight_smile:


Same to u! So just saying I suck at convo starters so yea. Anyways whats up


Ok lol