Fix Female Height Issue in Limelight. PLEASE UPDATE THIS


I find it really annoying that the females in limelight are automatically taller then the males. Can they fix this in an update?




oof typo. i fixed it


I’ve seen that, lmao. It’s weird.


Having to spot place every character because of the weird default sizes is actually so annoying. I’m afraid that if they tried to fix it, all previous spot directing would get thrown off in some way.


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I’m Tall, and I kinda like it #Bias


Lmao, I like that they’re taller than the guys. Practically my life in a nutshell.

Maybe allow the girl to be taller? There are like no stories that promote tall girl short guy relationships. It’d be nice~




I don’t think it’s a glitch or a mistake, so I doubt they’ll change it. I personally like it, since tall women and short men are underappreciated in real life.