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Hey guys I could really use some help right now my @speechbubble reset isn’t working I have contacted the episode creators and they told me to look at the guides they have to writing which was absolutely no help if anyone has had the same problem or can help me fix it I would really appreciate it if you could help me out

you can just adjust the speechbubble placing manually! use
@speechbubble is 160 200 (or whatever spot)

Yes but then I would have to do it every single time that someone talks

i mean, i do that… sorry perfectionist here :clown_face:

well when you use speechbubble reset what happens? like is it just stuck at one place the entire time?

Yea it stays in the same spot or the same size for the rest of the episode.

You have actually move every speech bubble manually! As far as I know I don’t think there is a speech bubble reset function.
Yes, it’s annoying-- but very necessary!

I also adjust the speech bubbles manually, it’s the worst part of coding:( but yeah very necessary, because whenever you adjust one the rest will stay like that forever so it’s kind of mandatory.

But that’s the thing I used it in every single episode before and now it’s not working.

There is I used it in every episode but now it’s stopped working

Thank you everyone for your help but I figured out how to fix it

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What was the issue? :blush:

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I had to put @speechbubble reset right after I put a new scene in

Ah, so it works exactly the same way as zoom reset does. I didn’t even know speechbubble reset existed so this was helpful :))
Thanks :joy:

Yes exactly lol and you’re very welcome :blush:

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