Fixing Music/Sound


I have been noticed that some authors make their music/sound dissapeared at the exact moment. I’ve checked the guides and I know the structure of how fixing it but What I don’t know Is how yo make it fade AT THE EXACT MOMENT.
Idk, I Think there’s a kind of trick or something :joy:

Hope I Made myself clear.
Pls, help me yo find out. :pray:

if you want a sound to fade try:
volume sound 0 2000
it will fade out in 2 seconds.

if you want to use another sound at some point, don’t forget to put “volume sound 100 0”

Sound and music has a different commands depending on what you want to do with them
You can turn them off instantly with sound off or music off
Just remember that if you turn it off you need to turn on the music/sound as well next time you’re using it.
I always take notice to have a volume command for the sound/ music right before I put in a sound/music.
volume sound 80 0 <— sound volume turned on to 80% directly.
volume sound 80 2000 <— sound turned on/scaling up to 80% during 2 seconds
Then you have - like nemimutt just posted - the choice of fading the music away. You do that in the same way as when turning it on, only oposite.
volume sound 0 2000 <— sound turning off/fading out during 2 seconds.



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