Fixing Sounds help

Hey guys I’m just coming back from a little break on episode and for some reason my sound isn’t working on the app, when I’m writing the sound works but not when I’m viewing it on the app, I refreshed it and everything and it’s not still not working anyone have any suggestions

Welcome back to the community!

The solution is simple: add a sound off command after the sound is played. I don’t know why, but back to back sound effects won’t work without it.

Here’s where I usually add the sound off commmands:
i. After @ commands (& commands will not work!) including 0-second zooms/cuts/pans, hsl, speech bubble commands, animation and spot directing
ii. after a @pause for 0 (yes, it works)
iii. After dialogues

I won’t give you a full list/guide because it’ll take forever, so do try things out yourself, see what works for you and what doesn’t.

Keep in mind: after sound off commands, the current sound effects will stop playing. Insert it too early can interrupt your current sound effects.

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