Flag Command Trouble


So basically it says to add a { after “if” but when I do it says “unexpected block end.” I don’t know what to do!

If you’re using flags (gains) it would be:

if (prom_1){
@SAM changes into SAM_prom
} elif (prom_2){
@SAM changes into SAM_prom2
} else {
@SAM changes into SAM_prom3

Can read more here: Using if/elif/else to Remember Past Choices


Ok, thank you so much! I’m still new to flags. :relaxed:

Don’t worry, it gets easier :+1: :heart:

Recommended that you use the Choice Name & Option Method instead of flags when it comes to a dressing game.

If you check out the thread I linked, the Choice Name and Option Method is considered the best method to use for dressing games.

Thanks again!:grin::+1:t2:

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