Flag Happy Trolls?

I honestly don’t understand why every single I time I post in the “promote stories here” section I’m flagged. Is that somebody with too much time and hatred on their hands or am I actually doing something wrong? It’s really annoying tbh especially since I see hundreds like it promoting their stories. What am I doing wrong? Anyone else have this problem?


That never happened to me but I’ve seen many people suffer the same. People are just following the rules so why flag them?


Well, if you do more than one for one story then it has right to be flagged. But some are flag happy. :grimacing:

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You did nothing wrong, dear. Like @bakedpotato said it right, some people like to flag. :woman_shrugging: There is nothing wrong with letting your story known… Besides you are not alone… I got flagged the first day I came into this forum 4 times… :scream: Those bullies liked to flag and were banned for it… So, if they flag you more often you have to let it know to the moderators of this forum… :wink: But those flag happy trolls need to stop, I agree.


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