Flag not registering as "else" command

Hello, I am having trouble with gains. I have four gains that in a chapter that are: “janitor_proof,” “janitor_no_proof,” “kitchen_proof,” and “kitchen_no_proof”. In the next episode after these gains, I don’t see the “kitchen_no_proof” flag in the “Story Modifiers” → “Flags”. The four flags is being used right at the beginning of the next episode after these flags are gained. Here’s the code:


#scenes for janitor_proof


#scenes for janitor_no_proof


#scenes for kitchen_proof


#scenes for kitchen_no_proof


I don’t have any code inside the “janitor_no_proof,” “kitchen_proof,” or the else (kitchen_no_proof). This could be the problem, but the other two without text work just fine. Why is the “else” command for “kitchen_no_proof” not showing? Thanks.

Maybe it’s because you have gained one of the other flags, which means the “else” command won’t need to be triggered. Try resetting the story progress as I think this removes any gains.

Unless you reference the gain somewhere in the episode it won’t show as a flag to select on the web previewer.

Just set up another elif for that gain. I usually use the else to catch mistakes in the code.

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