Flagged/banned stories

So a friend of mines story was banned but the flags are not what they say.
let me try to explain better.

Scene 1 - flagged for depicted violence

2 people talking. Female explaining to the Mc what superpowers she has.

  • She assured me they are not all bad
  • she explained how she thought I was a wolf at first
  • But it’s not possible since all wolves don’t smell the same
  • it wasn’t easy not to freak out at this point
  • but she did explain the best she could
  • apparently the warm blood (this is just a smell) is vampires

These words were flagged.

Scene 2 - flagged for depicted violence

father and son talking about a business dinner.

And many similar flagged scenes. I don’t know how to help her. if she email the same one that reviewed her story he tells her please read the guidlines.

she then send them every scene explanation to help them understand that it’s not what they think then they just told her this app is for 12+.

I told her to submit a ticket and ask for a different person to review it
Oh and she don’t want them to unban the book she wants to redo the story but she doesn’t want to get banned AGAIN…

Any advice will help please!

Thank you!

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Hi there.
I’m afraid the only thing your friend can do is submit a ticket.

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There’s really nothing you can do. They’ve gotten really strict on their interpretation of certain guidelines (though, oddly, not all of them), and unfortunately they’re worded vaguely enough that they can justify it. For instance, the example you gave ran afoul of the guideline that states no excessive or graphic violence. But they never define what those terms actually mean. So it went from meaning using a ton of blood overlays and say ripping a character’s heart out of their chest (obviously excessive and graphic), to now not even being allowed to make a sarcastic joke between two friendly characters such as having one say “I’d rather gouge my eyes out with a melon baller than watch one more minute of this terrible movie.” Heck, I had a scene that was modeled after one from a G-rated children’s film (meaning it was okayed for everyone to watch, even toddlers in the US) and they made me change it saying it broke the same guideline.

If your friend wants to recreate the story but is worried about it being banned like before, I’d say just have her send in a ticket every time she has something possibly “violent” in the story and ask if it’s allowed. Since author’s can no longer use common sense to determine for themselves what may be a problem, it’s best to just ask them directly. If they say no, don’t do it. If they say yes, do it, but keep the email that says it’s okay. Then if it gets flagged during review, you can always pull up that email and point out that it was already okayed before. It will probably still need to be changed, but it might work. If they say “read the guidelines” like mentioned in your post, have her explain that she did then ask for clarification because she doesn’t understand how it violates the guidelines. Try to get them to specifically state what the problem is, then change it accordingly. Not much else you can do, I’m afraid.


Thanks so much!

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Thank you!