Flagging, the forums and you! đźš©

Well, we can always hope for the better and work towards it. Because as we know – the Episode Forums is for being a friendly and helpful community, not a drama-inducing television show :disappointed_relieved:


Oh. Well I think it is kinda both :slight_smile: Depends on the day and a person.


We needed this, some people are so up themselves they get triggered over anything. :roll_eyes: If you like Tuna, and I don’t, don’t flag me for it.


With all due respect @Jeremy but about “investigating” and “reviewing” it’s not true. Proofs are in my PM. I was flagged many times for doing completely nothing, while in some cases I was flagged for speaking up truth in little hard way, but others involved were not punished as I was - being banned.

So please, don’t say this is a fair system, because it is not. I rather not say too much, I’ll be flagged again. Or to make a conclusion- best is to not even comment on this forum.


Hahahahahah!!! Sorry, it isn’t actually funny “haha”, but it is pretty damn funny. Evil, evil commies…LOL


If a user get’s flagged and the staff agrees that the post or thread was objectionable and violates the rules…specifically in the case mentioned of users being off topic, then you were off topic and the team agrees with the flag. Reviewing the general rules again might help with some of the confusion expressed in this thread. :man_shrugging:

Also, Let’s share some insight as to off topic posting.

From the tutorial above. This is one of the reasons that many of the community’s post’s get flagged. Instead of flagging a post that violates the forum rules they try to self moderate which then derails the conversation which is considered to be off-topic. If the community simply starts flagging instead of trying to play moderator it would substantially decrease the amount of off topic flags you receive and only those who are breaking the rules will get flagged. Regarding the abuse of the flagging system…yes people do it…but all of those flags come directly to us…and if the flag is not warranted then we dismiss it and the flagged user does not get into any trouble.

It’s very important to understand that the team cannot dismiss a flagged post because the flagged user had good intentions. Having the best intentions and trying to help the forum team while breaking the rules at the same time is still breaking the forum rules.

Forum User A creates a Dragonball Appreciation thread
Forum User B Replies to User A’s thread saying how they hate Dragonball
Forum User C Replies to User B’s post telling them that this is a Dragonball appreciation thread and that User B’s post is not allowed

Where did User C go wrong? We do recognize the good intentions that this user had with their reply…but they did not flag User B’s post and instead attempted playing the roll of a moderator which then in turn creates off-topic discussion in the thread. This is considered off-topic and both User B and User C should then both be flagged and dealt with by the forum team.

Please know that if you get flagged and don’t agree with it you have every opportunity to reach out to @Sydney_H or myself to discuss the flag. So far (me personally) I have only had maybe a handful of people coming to me in PM to discuss a flag that they did not agree with. That is not a very large statistic when we have 90k+ members on the forums. So please, we encourage you to reach out to us if you ever have any questions regarding a flag that you received. Thanks.

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@Jeremy so let met get this right Forum user A and his dragon ball appreciation thing gets a comment from Forum User B this user says that they don’t like Dragonball
How is this off topic ? this kinda makes me feel like Forum User B doesn’t have the right to give his own opinion of course it matters how they say it but if Forum User B says: I hate Dragonball and this user get’s flagged it kinda makes me feel like this user doesn’t have the right to his own opinion

please correct me if I’m wrong?


Thanks for asking questions. We are here to help and don’t want anyone left confused.

We have had many instances where the thread op User A will flag another user’s post because even though the reply post created by User B is regarding the topic of “Dragonball” the response is not regarding the users appreciation for Dragonball, which would be considered off topic, especially since User A is the thread op, in charge of their own thread & flagged the violating post like they were supposed to.

If the thread’s topic is to express your appreciation for Dragonball and not to express your displeasure with Dragonball…then yes, User B would be considered off topic if they expressed their displeasure with Dragonball. If they would like to discuss their differing opinions regarding Dragonball then User B can create a new thread where the topic is to discuss peoples personal opinions about Dragonball and that would be 100% acceptable. Everyone is allowed to express their own opinions. Just make sure it’s in the correct thread and it doesn’t violate any of the forum rules.

Also keep in mind that not all flags are treated the same. If User A, B or C has a past history of constantly breaking the forum rules, this also gets taken into account when addressing all the flags we receive. There are many factors that come into play when the team is deciding how to appropriately treat a flag.

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And if example…
User A makes a thread about Dragonballs explaning to everyone, that whoever writes about them, must know that the Dragonballs are in fact dragons eggs and everything else is not true.

And there’s me as User B, who knows for sure that’s brainwashing and completely untrue. How am I supposed to enlighten all others if I’m not allowed to comment anything against User’s A statement?


Hi @Jeremy – I would love to know if the back-seat modding is going to be in the forum guidelines at any point in the future?


Yeah, if it’s a reason to get banned, it should be on the guidelines.


Absolutely. We actually have a brand new version of the gen rules that will be up soon :tm:


Good thing this was cleared up. Hopefully we’ll all stop getting flagged for no reason now. :joy:

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What is back-seat modding? I’ve heard of it but have no idea what it is lol

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It’s when a forum user (community member) who is not a member of the forum team (not a moderator, admin or employee of Episode) performs moderator actions by responding to threads with post’s that are off topic. This often causes derailing of threads and can sometimes cause an entire thread to be closed :frowning:


People abuse the flag button.

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They sure do and unfortunately this is something that we cannot prevent. But rest assured the forum team reviews every flag. So if there was an incorrect flag submitted the team makes sure to act accordingly. This means we reach out to the offender and let them know that what they did was wrong and against forum rules. Then the innocent user who got flagged does not get into any trouble. :slight_smile:


Ok but what about the ones that go unchecked?

None go unchecked. No worries :+1:

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Was gone for about two weeks and based on the catching up I am doing with threads I feel it is best that I bump this. Please note that it is the entire communities responsibility to keep the forums a civil, safe and positive experience for everyone. We have 100k+ members on the forums and only two people who handle the Moderating (only one of them full time Moderating). If you feel that there is a thread or post that breaks the forum rules that hasn’t been taken care of by the team you are probably right and thanks for paying attention :smiley: Please flag it by following the processes set in place above. It is impossible for the team to see every rule violation and we rely heavily on the community to bring them to our attention. Don’t feel like flagging? That’s fine, but keep in mind that you are the one leaving the offending post untouched, not the forum team :confused:.

Also, this jiba jaba about the forum team flagging post’s that are not against the rules? Untrue. Please take some time to review your flagged post or thread and compare it to the forum rules. Still can’t find a reason why it was flagged? Were you doing any of the following?

  • Participating in conversation in a thread that has turned into off topic conversation or become hostile in nature?
  • Telling someone to follow the forum rules (contributing to off topic conversation) instead of flagging the post/thread the user created that violates the rules?
  • Harassing other user’s or openly telling people that they shouldn’t be harassing other users?
  • Personally attacking the forum team and/or Episode or it’s employees
  • Anything else that violates the forum rules

If so, these are all grounds for getting yourself flagged by the community and/or the forum team.

Have questions about flagging? Please leave them here or feel free to private message myself or @Sydney_H. :nerd_face:Thanks!