Flagging, the forums and you! 🚩



Absolutely. We actually have a brand new version of the gen rules that will be up soon :tm:


Good thing this was cleared up. Hopefully we’ll all stop getting flagged for no reason now. :joy:


What is back-seat modding? I’ve heard of it but have no idea what it is lol


It’s when a forum user (community member) who is not a member of the forum team (not a moderator, admin or employee of Episode) performs moderator actions by responding to threads with post’s that are off topic. This often causes derailing of threads and can sometimes cause an entire thread to be closed :frowning:


People abuse the flag button.


They sure do and unfortunately this is something that we cannot prevent. But rest assured the forum team reviews every flag. So if there was an incorrect flag submitted the team makes sure to act accordingly. This means we reach out to the offender and let them know that what they did was wrong and against forum rules. Then the innocent user who got flagged does not get into any trouble. :slight_smile:


Ok but what about the ones that go unchecked?


None go unchecked. No worries :+1: