Flagging, the forums and you! 🚩

What is back-seat modding? I’ve heard of it but have no idea what it is lol

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It’s when a forum user (community member) who is not a member of the forum team (not a moderator, admin or employee of Episode) performs moderator actions by responding to threads with post’s that are off topic. This often causes derailing of threads and can sometimes cause an entire thread to be closed :frowning:


People abuse the flag button.

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They sure do and unfortunately this is something that we cannot prevent. But rest assured the forum team reviews every flag. So if there was an incorrect flag submitted the team makes sure to act accordingly. This means we reach out to the offender and let them know that what they did was wrong and against forum rules. Then the innocent user who got flagged does not get into any trouble. :slight_smile:


Ok but what about the ones that go unchecked?

None go unchecked. No worries :+1:

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Was gone for about two weeks and based on the catching up I am doing with threads I feel it is best that I bump this. Please note that it is the entire communities responsibility to keep the forums a civil, safe and positive experience for everyone. We have 100k+ members on the forums and only two people who handle the Moderating (only one of them full time Moderating). If you feel that there is a thread or post that breaks the forum rules that hasn’t been taken care of by the team you are probably right and thanks for paying attention :smiley: Please flag it by following the processes set in place above. It is impossible for the team to see every rule violation and we rely heavily on the community to bring them to our attention. Don’t feel like flagging? That’s fine, but keep in mind that you are the one leaving the offending post untouched, not the forum team :confused:.

Also, this jiba jaba about the forum team flagging post’s that are not against the rules? Untrue. Please take some time to review your flagged post or thread and compare it to the forum rules. Still can’t find a reason why it was flagged? Were you doing any of the following?

  • Participating in conversation in a thread that has turned into off topic conversation or become hostile in nature?
  • Telling someone to follow the forum rules (contributing to off topic conversation) instead of flagging the post/thread the user created that violates the rules?
  • Harassing other user’s or openly telling people that they shouldn’t be harassing other users?
  • Personally attacking the forum team and/or Episode or it’s employees
  • Anything else that violates the forum rules

If so, these are all grounds for getting yourself flagged by the community and/or the forum team.

Have questions about flagging? Please leave them here or feel free to private message myself or @Sydney_H. :nerd_face:Thanks!


I don’t think the problem is that forum posts are being flagged when they’re not supposed to. I think the problem is the nature of rules like these. They’re going to be subjective and there’s no way that anyone can prevent that from happening.

One person’s assessment of inappropriate or off-topic posting might not be the same for the next person.

I appreciate that @Sydney_H and you have a hard time with such a big community, but there has been a lot of confusion over the rules and, as a user, it does seem like the mods are getting more stringent with what they assess to be against the forum rules. There’s always going to be some give and take with that kind of thing!

I think it would be great if we were given a thread with examples of what does and what doesn’t break the rules so we can see the rules in action when we aren’t angry and bitter that we’ve been silenced or flagged. That would help a lot of us. But thanks for be post Jeremy!


If you feel that the post might at all break the rules then still flag it. It is up for the forum team to decide what happens with all flagged content, So even if the content is all being flagged by different people with different perspectives, the reviewing process is still being handled by the two same people who handle all the content. :slight_smile:


It would be awesome if we all had a bit more knowledge of the thought process of what goes into accepting flags, though! It would help us to avoid doing things against the rules


Also, I know there’s a plug-in that warns users before they say anything offensive in compliance with Google’s content rules. Is this something Episode could maybe look into implementing so that people would have a little bit of warning before they post?


Thanks for posting this. I think the community need this information laid out for everyone to see.


@Jeremy May I get help. One of my comments on my own post was flagged by the ForumAdmin, leader. I tried to explain that I didn’t do anything wrong but received no response. Here is what happen. I created a suggestion post for “freaky cat eyes” and I bumped the post a day after simply by typing “Bump.” The “Bump” was flagged. So the Leader sent me a PM stating that I can change it in a few minutes but why do that when I have read the guidelines and I had done nothing wrong. The guidelines state:

"Bumping is only allow once per thread per 24hrs.

  • Bumping is replying to a thread with the intention of boosting it to the top of the thread list so that more people will see it."

Which I did not abuse. I bumped once after a day later. I admit seven days after the flag after I read the message, I bumped the post again. The second time was not flagged. Did I do something wrong or is this flag a mistake? If it’s a mistake can you help me?

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Please PM me with these details and I’ll look into this for you. Thanks!


Thank you!


Now this is one part of the forums I hate…

the flagging :roll_eyes:


This post has been flagged.

See flagged post.



@Jeremy, you fool!

I will never conform to your flagging society



Best to just accept the flagging system as a fact of life. Won’t be removed and actually helps the community if used correctly. No use in fighting it :man_shrugging:


^^ I say this in the most respectful way possible :wink:


oof :ok_woman:t4: