Flags not selected while previewing

Hello :relaxed:,

If possible, I would like to have some help with the escape game I am coding.
I used the gain system and then the if (flag_XXX) but when I play it on the app, here is what happens with flags :

Why is “2minutes” selected and not “flag_2minutes” ?
Could anyone help me please :slight_smile: I’ve been working for hours on this but I don’t seem to find a solution or explaination :confused:


Either restart the game and go to the scene where the game starts or go select it yourself.

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Thank you for your reply. I already restarted the story but it doesn’t want to select itself. I can only select it manually. I just hope it willl work fine for readers :confused:

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That happens to me. Did you reset story progress?

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hmm… if it is not a bug than you must have in your story both gains -one with name 2minutes and flag_2minutes

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Indeed, I had 2 flags. I based myself on Dara amarie website and I thought we had to write “flag_+ the flag’s name”. I misunderstood what was written on her website.
So, I corrected with if (2minutes) and now, only one flag appears and everything works fine :hugs:

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


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