Flashback error

When doing a flashback scene, you may change your characters look to fit the part. When going back to (present) time how do you change your characters clothing back to what the readers had it? Before hand, I had a clothing option. How would I go about changing her back into their option? :thinking:

You should probably uses gains. :woman_shrugging:

Check this out: HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

You’d use the Choice Name & Option Method

So name your choice.


What do you want to wear?

choice (STAR)
“Red Rose” {

@MC changes into red_rose

} “Pink Rose” {

@MC changes into pink_rose

} “Purple Rose” {

@MC changes into purple_rose


And then let’s say you made them change out of the clothes into something else and then you want the choice they picked above remembered, it’d look like this:

if (STAR is “Red Rose”) {

@MC changes into red_rose

} elif (STAR is “Pink Rose”) {

@MC changes into pink_rose

} else {

@MC changes into purple_rose


As you can see there’s a pattern :rose:
BTW good luck :partying_face:

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I’ll check it out now, thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is off subject but I’d rather not make another topic for it. Do you know anyone that makes good cover art? I need a small and large cover for my story. I’ve looked around and asked several people a while back but haven’t gotten a response yet.

Maybe check out this thread: The A-List of Profile Pic and Cover Creators! :wink:

Ok thanks!

No problem :grin::balloon:

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