Flashback scene

I’ve been wanting to create a flashback scene, when the MC is younger.
I gave them the option to customize. So I want the character they created to match the younger self of the MC if that makes sense.

The problem is, that it doesn’t match. After the flashback scene, I need the character to change back to the original self. But it only matches the character I designed, and not the character that they made.

Can anyone help me with this?

Are you just wanting to use the one character for the present as well as flashbacks or did you want to use 2 different characters — a younger one and the present one?

If you want to use the one character, I recommend using the preview commands e.g:
@CHAR previews hair Straight
@CHAR unpreviews hair Straight
When you unpreview a feature, they go back to whatever it was before, so it’s generally used for temporary features without you needing to remember what readers’ selected.

If you want to use 2 different characters, then I recommend the becomes command e.g:
@YOUNGERCHAR changes face into Square Youthful
@YOUNGCHAR changes hair into Pigtails
The becomes command allows the younger character to literally become a copy of the CCed MC, and then from there you can change a few features to suit your vision, like a younger face shape or “kid” hairstyle etc. it’s best if you get readers to select a natural lip color though.


Thank you so much this is very helpful!

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No worries! Happy writing.